The daily mission of Studio Giordano is to listen to its Clients, understand their needs and satisfy their requirements with specific competence and ability, so as to guarantee a real added value for them.

For more than 35 years now our attention has been focused on the corporate world, institutions, non-profit organizations and private individuals with the offer of highly qualified advice in corporation, tax, accounting and business matters. Always making reference to applicable rules and regulations, so as to properly apply them, we always make an in depth evaluation of each single case with the aim of protecting our Clients interests.

We always invest in updates and professional growth of our competence and ability so as to be constantly ahead of our time and anticipate the timing and evolution of the marketís new needs. The constant evolution of applicable rules and regulations require a high propensity to be always up to date so as to guarantee coherent solutions and appropriate reactions.

Each Client with its specific peculiarities is always at the centre of Studio Giordanoís interest whose objective is to understand the clientís needs and specific requests whether explicit or latent. In this context one of the important values of Studio Giordano is the ability to bring to light the problems which are often latent and which may represent an opportunity or danger for the client. The attitude for an in depth analysis of domestic and international rules and regulations represents a distinctive feature in the offer of advisory services. This process is always performed together with the client who is never left alone but accompanied with discretion and expertise in the selection of objectives and decisions.

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